The problem: tech is disconnected from reality, and outcomes are suffering. 

Your volunteers live in one system. Your email list is somewhere else, but it's not connected to your texting platform. Your donations live on three separate platforms, and none of that information actually syncs to your field work, so your leaders on the ground have no idea what's happening within your organization. A staffer who quit two months ago made endless intricate spreadsheets and Google Docs that seem to be really important, but no one's quite sure what they do. And don't get us started on the mystery of social media.

Sure, this is annoying for your staff. But the problem is much worse: you're bleeding results. All these pieces of technology, wonderful as they might be individually, have no relationship to one another. They're dumb to your overall goals. Your fundraising suffers, your fieldwork suffers, your staff is unhappy and your organizing drifts from its mission.

The solution: make your tech sing together and hit your goals.

Believe it or not, it doesn't have to be this way. Bring your tools together, understand your supporters from one place, and engage with them accordingly. Work with us and we'll get it done. We also have key relationships with all the top nonpartisan technologies in the ecosystem, and can negotiate lower prices, better deals, and better outcomes. At Conway Consulting, our recipe for success is threefold:

  • We source and organize a custom-tailored suite of softwares that meet your needs and integrate with one another
    • Believe it or not, the tech ecosystem is well-built and robust, and the tools exist. Your email and texting softwares, CRM, website, digital marketing tools, mobile canvassing applications, phone banking softwares and more can all support each other. We find you the tools you need (and nothing more), and ensure these tools are set to communicate information back and forth, so you know everything in one place.
  • We organize the noise into actionable, easy-to-understand data.
    • Information you can't understand does nothing, no matter how much there is. We use our extensive experience organizing data to build you a tag library that matches your organizational needs, allowing you to quickly and easily track your people. "Alexa, show me everyone who has retweeted us more than twice, lives within 25 miles of our upcoming event, donated $10+ and cares about education issues."
  • We match the data to core results.
    • Searches are great. Results are better. We map every single on of these data points - from field activity to fundraising to social media - directly onto your stated numerical objectives. A volunteer knocks a door in Kentucky. A supporter contributes $25 in California. In real time, you and your leadership team will see what's succeeding, what's failing, and where your bottlenecks are slowing you down.

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