The problem: your supporters are a black box. 

Sure, you know the basic numbers: your email list, your Instagram following, your financial bottom line. You might have close personal relationships with a few core partners, and your staff occasionally reports back anecdotal wins from the field. But this all feels like small potatoes, like numbers on a spreadsheet. And, really, it is. Data lives in a million different places, and it's almost impossible to tell if those Instagram likes and email opens are translating into meaningful action elsewhere. In the dark, vulnerable early morning hours, you wonder how real your movement even is. Who will really show up when it matters the most?

The truth is, the hardest question to answer is often a simple one: "I'd like to volunteer. What do I do?" Delightful answers to simple questions often require deep, thoughtful and preplanned work.

The solution: organize around your supporters, and watch them flourish.

Your supporters should be your lifeblood, not your burden. At Conway Consulting, we transition your organization from a small staff of committed leaders into a flourishing ecosystem of volunteers, all working overtime to make your movement a success. Put simply: you have a network of unpaid staff exponentially increasing your impact.

Our solution to this problem is fourfold:

  • Mapping journeys for individual supporters, based on their interests and skills.
    • Working with your stated organizational goals, we reflect your desired outcomes and the steps to get there. Everything from a retweet to a $250 donation to 70-hour weeks as a volunteer county leader fits somewhere in this map. We'll make it glossy and obvious, so everyone in your organization knows exactly what you need from your supporters, and we work with you to improve it as time goes on. We put ourselves in the shoes of a potential supporter, and create the most delightful, simple path from newbie to committed leader.
  • Build the technology to make your map engaging and easy to see at a glance.
    • From drip email automations to websites and mobile canvassing applications, we bring together the best-in-class suite of tools and make them sing together (don't forget, we worked at the best of the best). We organize your data into simple, easy-to-index menus that allow you to communicate with them personally and precisely. Your supporters will live in a seamless, delightful little world that encourages them to take more and more action. And you'll see the results¬†in real time, allowing for a quick health check on how far along your supporters are and where your organizations stands next to your stated goals.
  • Convert little online actions into meaningful offline leadership.
    • Having trouble converting retweets, post likes and email opens into true on-the-ground organizing? You might be missing your organizing bridge. These are the smaller half-steps that convert online action into offline participation. Incrementally and gracefully, we encourage your new supporters to do the real work that turns thousands of online followers into a true movement.
  • Identify, engage, empower, mobilize.
    • We can all automate drip sequences and marketing campaigns to our hearts' delight. At some point, though, real trust requires real, human connection. Conway Consulting isn't just a strategy and technology firm. We'll directly engage your supporters 1:1, encouraging and empowering them to become leaders and productive supporters within your grassroots organization. We'll host regular meetings with your volunteer leadership, develop real bonds, and cultivate the action you need to succeed.

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