We believe in people power.

Conway Consulting was born of a desire to serve ordinary, thoughtful citizens across the country, who have been forced to the sideline while powerful partisan elites bicker. Our nation is divided, our problems seem too big to solve, and our future hangs in the balance. Unlike ordinary consulting firms, we focus on people-powered movements. We support independent organizations with the tools, training and resources to empower ordinary citizens to become leaders.

Will Conway serves as Chief Executive Officer of Conway Consulting. He is a trained, experienced community organizer and leader in the independent political movement. Conway served as the National Organizing Director for No Labels, where he built the movement infrastructure for an independent presidential campaign in 2023, managing the largest department in the organization. Previously, he served as the National Organizing Director for the Forward Party, where he built the infrastructure and movement that welded together the first major independent movement in a generation. He cultivated a community of 35,000 volunteers across the country, identifying a team of 235 state leaders across 47 states, who served in full-time volunteer leadership positions.

Previously, he served as Director, Politics and Advocacy at Andreessen Horowitz backed NationBuilder, the world's first platform for leaders. There, he built the digital and organizing infrastructures for hundreds of movements, nonprofits, campaigns and corporations, including the American Heart Association, Andrew Yang for President, and Exelon Nuclear Energy. By 2019, he was the eighth longest serving employee, and oversaw NationBuilder's east coast presence, building its New York City office from scratch.

After the death of NationBuilder CEO and close personal mentor Jim Gilliam in late 2018, Conway left NationBuilder with a one-way plane ticket to Cartagena, Colombia. He spent the time before Coronavirus exploring Colombia, Peru, Panama, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, including three weeks in the Amazon Rainforest, five weeks road-tripping down the coast of war-torn Chile, and nearly three months in small villages across Colombia. He eventually met his longterm partner, Fanny, at a hostel in Rio de Janeiro. He spent the year that followed with her in Quebec.

He began his career in Connecticut Republican politics, working first in communications for Congressman Christopher Shays' senate campaign, then as the Field Director for Congressman Bobby Schilling's reelection bid, and finally leading outreach for twelve members of the Connecticut General Assembly. He also consulted for campaigns, the Minority Leader's Leadership PAC, and municipal parties across the state. He left Republican politics behind during the rise of the Tea Party, when it became clear the party no longer reflected the values he held dear, if it ever had.

Conway has been quoted and interviewed by major publications including National Public Radio (NPR), The Guardian and Yahoo! News, among countless other publications and podcasts. His three-part series, The Urgency of Digital Organizing, is available in ePolitics.

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